Master Key Experience 2018 – Week 15: Nature’s Greatest Miracle

I am in awe of nature!  Always have been.  Nothing imbues a sense of wonder and awe in me more than looking up into a clear night sky and seeing the vast reaches containing countless stars and galaxies.  And, even the smaller and more intricate faces of nature can be just as awe-inspiring.  The complex web of a spider, the perfection of a snowflake, or the singular beauty of a rose petal.  Nature is dynamic, resilient, and always in complete harmony.  Though mankind has altered and disrupted the balance of nature throughout history, nature always eventually returns to itself in total and everlasting harmony.

Reading Scroll IV of the Greatest Salesman in the World this week reminded me that I, too, am a part of this Nature.  In fact, I am Nature’s greatest miracle!  Really?  Given all the wonder and awe I experience being in and viewing nature, I sometimes forget this fact. Nature has immense potential, and so do I!

Nature was born of Love.  I, too, was born of Love.  My favorite take-away from Scroll IV is this.

I have unlimited potential.  I was conceived in love and brought forth with a purpose!

 I am Nature’s greatest miracle.


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