Master Key Experience 2018: Week 16 – Kindnesses All Around!

This is a favorite week for me and many who are traveling through the Master Keys.  It’s Kindness Week!  We focus on the virtue of kindness by either performing, or observing, random acts of kindness.

I’m always amazed at how what we focus on is what we see and what is attracted to us.  This week I have been both the giver, receiver and observer of kind acts and what a blessing and joy it has been!

It only takes a few seconds even to say a kind word, send a thoughtful message, perform a small favor, or do an unexpected task for someone.  The benefits of kindness to both parties is immeasurable!  And, it often creates a ripple effect when the recipient of kindness feels compelled to pass it on!  Isn’t that what we need more of in the world today?

Let’s keep the Kindnesses going well beyond this week!

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