Master Key Experience 2018: Week 17-HJ – Are You In Denial?

I’ve heard it said, if you want a better answer, ask a better question.  We had that better question introduced this week in the Master Keys.   

“What am I pretending not to know?” 

Since I’ve been asking myself this question, it’s had an unexpected, yet profound impact on me.

It seemed a rather innocuous question at first.  But the more I read it, and pondered it in my sits, the more I began to see some things about myself.  There were definitely areas of my life where I was being The Great Pretender.  Areas where pretending was holding me back and impeding my growth toward becoming my authentic self.

What is “pretending not to know” anyway?  For me, it was just another way of being “in denial.”  When someone is in denial, they are refusing to accept a past or present reality.  We know the truth, we know what to do, but we don’t do it. This is generally done in an effort to protect or avoid perceived feelings of guilt or fear associated with past actions.  In other words, being in denial is something of a self-defense or self-protection ploy.  So, what part of me was feeling threatened and in need of protection?  Bam!  There is was!  The old self, the Old Blueprint at work again – fighting for its life!

This question has been enormously helpful for me in the area of personal accountability.  The Guy in the Glass is thrilled that I’m still pondering this question as a habit.  Now, whenever I sense The Great Pretender in myself, I call him to accountability; then take heart that the Old Blueprint wouldn’t feel so threatened, if I were not improving!

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